Paris Guided Tours

Paris Under the Occupation Tours

Since 2015 I have led guided tours on Paris during the Nazi Occupation for Context Travel, a specialist tour company. I take a small group (a maximum of six people) to visit some of the more interesting and lesser known sights and look at how the city changed during the Occupation, the roles of the German and Vichy governments, questions of collaboration and resistance, the Liberation and France's relationship to its past. Unlike many whistlestop tours of Paris, this is an opportunity to explore and discuss the Occupation in depth. The tour takes around 3-4 hours.

For more information about the tour, please visit Context Travel's tour page: Lights Out: Paris Under the Occupation. Please note that these tours are booked directly through Context.

Media Research and Custom Guided Tours

I also advise on Paris locations for TV/film productions, and offer custom tours on SOE's agents in Paris, women in the French resistance and other aspects of Paris under Occupation. If you are researching Paris locations or have a specific subject interest for a custom tour, please contact me at:

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